Background of Finance Department

At the beginning, Finance Department was one section, being in charge of the university’s finance management, affiliated to the General Department, Office of the President. Since 1975, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology North Bangkok was found as an independent and separate higher education institute. Therefore, the workload of the finance section increased while the workforce was very limited, and this resulted in the delay of operational progress. As the execution of financial affairs had to be in line with the regulation, ranging from the accounting control, the investigation of financial documents and evidences, the bookkeeping, the paying and receiving of money, the institute began to develop the budget system and working plan. Also, the institute’s finance management was modified while its structure was adjusted and the overlapping section was dissolved to increase the efficiency and to suit with the establishment of a new campus in Prachinburi Province. Finally, the institute propose to set up the finance department in the higher education development plan: phase 8 (2540 B.E. – 2544 B.E.). The institute council approve it and submit the plan to set up the finance department to the Ministry of University Affairs on 30 July 1997. However, due to the economic crisis, the cabinet agreed to postpone the establishment of the new department. So, it was moved to the phase 9 plan (2545 B.E. – 2549 B.E.). Later, on 14 August 2001, the institute council approve to set up the finance department affiliated to the Office of the President to promote the efficiency of the operation in the future.