The Finance Department, Office of the President, is committed to carry out the university missions related to revenues from both the budget provide by the government and the university’s income from other sources. The department aims to support the university in its operation to reach the goals, to increase the satisfaction of the service receiver and optimize the benefit form the effective management, and also to focus on transparency and verifiability.


The Finance Department provides service with precision, transparency and continual improvement. We follow the standardized practice and place importance on the service receiver’s satisfaction.


1. To centralize the operation and management of the university’s finance with an aim to decrease the overlapping working procedures and to meet the increasing of the financial workload.
2. To be a central unit being in charge of the financial operation, ranging from the receiving and disbursement of all types , and coordinate with relevant parties from both inside and outside the university.
3. To support the financial operations of KMUTNB Rayong Campus and KMUTNB Prachinburi Campus.
4. To monitor the financial operations of working sections within the university.
5. To develop the financial management system in accordance with the university’s rules and regulations.


1. To manage the university’s incomes and expenses.
2. To investigate the accuracy of all financial documents and evidences.
3. To supervise the university’s budget disbursement.
4. To report the disbursement of the university’s budget.
5. To manage the bookkeeping and make the university’s financial report.
6. To provide advice and suggestions to the students, staff and outsiders.